I have had the pleasure of working with Insurance Marketing Corporation since December  2004. They are exceptionally talented and knowledgeable when it comes to our insurance needs.  As our company has grown from a plan of six people, to one covering more than 48 individuals, their knowledge and advice has helped maintain excellent coverage with the lowest possible expenses. Although, many times my immediate needs have caused me to manipulate so much of their time, it would appear that I am their only client. I have never felt that my issues were burdensome, or that I was taking up too much of their time. They have always answered every question the best advice possible. I cannot recommend this organization enough to anyone with insurance needs. ~ Timothy Berglund

I just wanted to express our gratitude & appreciation to Insurance Marketing and its employees. We have ALWAYS been treated very well! Any questions or concerns are responded to within the day (usually within the same hour) and they always address future concerns, like renewals, well before expiration dates. We have compared our rates to other companies before, only to find that we are receiving the best. Thank you for working so hard to take care of us, please don’t change. ~ Wanda Horn

I have had the pleasure of working with Insurance Marketing Corporation for over 4 years. They are terrific to work with, answering all of my insurance questions, explaining how potential new insurance will work and how it will affect our company and employees. They are prompt and thorough, a welcome quality in the insurance world. They gladly answer the questions that you’ve already asked and forgotten the answer to; questions you think are ‘dumb’ questions; even hypothetical ‘what if’ insurance questions. The insurance industry is necessary to your business, and a good working relationship with your agent is key. ~ Sue Measel

I am drafting this letter to just express our gratitude for the special interest that our agent has taken in showing us how to manage all of our insurance needs. He has gone above and beyond in taking the time to help us deal with the difficult tasks of communicating with health care providers.  He treats us like family and we have never met the man. He sure lives up to his title “Insurance Specialist”. Thank You Insurance Marketing Corporation! ~Matthew and Lisa David

After searching many different Health Plans, my husband and I decided to go with Priority Health. The insurance is great, and affordable for our family.  Our agent came over and spent lots of time going over different plans with us. He is truly caring, and very concerned that we are totally satisfied with our Health Plan. He calls me just to make sure that we don’t have concerns or issues. In all the years with our family and different Health Insurances, we know now that we made the right decision with Priority Health and Insurance Marketing Corporation. ~ Cindy Yono

I am writing this letter to thank Insurance Marketing Corporation for being such a great Insurance Agent.  We were very fortunate to find Insurance Marketing and have  been working with them for 3 years now.  We have not been given any reasons that would cause us to look into finding a new agent. We are extremely pleased with the service that we receive. Our agent goes over and above our expectations. He is efficient, intelligent and always helpful. He makes my position as Office Manager much easier, because any situation at hand, I just call or fax Insurance Marketing Corporation and they takes care of it right away.  ~ Debbie Guth

Working with Insurance Marketing for our health care benefits package has taken the worry and stress out of finding and deciding on a plan for our organization. They are extremely responsive and very knowledgeable about the products and packages available and we felt very comfortable with their research and suggestions on plans which best matched what we wanted for our company. ~ Gerri Ruffing

Since being introduced to the support of Insurance Marketing Corporation I can’t think of a better way to do business. The service team is always friendly, prompt, and accurate.  The turnaround time is unparalleled by any other service organization. They really makes you feel like you are the most important thing on her desk that day, and they are ready to help on even the smallest item. This is not just a one day example, this is every day, and I swear you can see them smiling through the phone.  They make me look good to my clients with their promptness to my inquiries.  They are invaluable to our ability to do a good job! ~ Doris Clarkson 

Our company has been very pleased with our health insurance through Insurance Marketing Corporation. From the very beginning when our Account Executive called on us, they’ve been good to work with, easy to get hold of, and quick to answer all of our questions regarding our plan and what’s available for us. While we know they have other companies much larger than ours to deal with, they are always friendly and prompt to help us with anything when we contact them. ~ Ronda Svinicki 

Dealing with Insurance Marketing Corporation has been great. Our agent has been knowledgeable, helpful and personable right from the start. Anything we needed to know was responded to immediately and with a smile. We are VERY satisfied! ~ Robert Alimpich 

Our company has been very pleased with the services provided by Insurance Marketing Corporation. Our agent is very personable and goes out of his way to take care of our needs in a timely manner. He is always very professional and courteous and extends his “I will take care of it for you” attitude above and beyond his responsibilities. Thank you Insurance Marketing. ~ Nanci Smith

Insurance Marketing Corporation is my “Insurance Easy Button”. Whenever I have an insurance need or question, I simply call the office, and it is handled for me – no muss, no fuss! ~ Brad Keast

Our agent contacted us several years ago suggesting that he could find us a qualified service provider with aggressive pricing to obtain our business. Since we are a small organization, it is critical that every dollar is spent wisely. The result was that we were able to  obtain better coverage (PPO vs HMO) at a lower cost. Additionally, our agent guaranteed his personal attention to our account even though we are small. Over the years, our employees have had questions about their bills. Each time they called him directly. Each call is handled personally and we are provided answers within 24 hours of the call. Each and every year Insurance Marketing Corporation provides us with updated quotes from competing service providers. Thankfully we have seen very small increases in our healthcare premiums. We are very appreciative of his efforts on behalf of our company and our employees. I would strongly urge you to consider Insurance Marketing Corporation. ~ Ken Imhof

Insurance Marketing Corporation is a very knowledgeable health insurance asset to my business. They have been my insurance agency for years. My agent supplies me with insurance options to see what will be the best for my employees. He is very accommodating and always is able to fit my schedule. I am fully satisfied with his service and he will be my insurance agent for years to come. ~ Scott Shepley